UI components


Example image

C++ APIs for implementation


Toolbar API, Generic button API for buttons

Choice list

Choice list API


Form API

Form items

  • Text field

  • Pop-up field

  • Slider

Form API

Grouped soft notification, List query, Grid query

Queries API

Left/Right arrows in the Navi pane

Navigation pane API

Markable list

Selection list

Lists API

Multi-selection list

Lists API


Scroller API

Setting items


Setting pages API

Pop-up setting

Multi-selection list setting

Text setting

Slider setting

Setting list

Setting pages API, Lists API

Softkeys (left and right) in the Control pane

Note: There is no middle softkey label in Touch UI

Buttons API

Status pane

  • Status pane API for the entire status pane

  • Title pane API for the title pane

  • Title Pane Touch Observer API for title pane touch events

  • Navigation pane API for the entire navi pane

  • Tabs API for tabs in the navi pane

  • HWRM power state API for a publish and subscribe interface to battery status

  • Indicators API for the indicator pane

  • The signal pane is not accessible to applications.

For details on touch support of these components, see Touch support for UI components