Find pane

The Find pane is a component intended to help find items in a list. The Find pane is situated in the bottom part of the main pane.

Figure: Find pane within a selection list of names in Phonebook

The standard functionality of the Find pane is as follows:

  • Characters typed from the numeric keypad appear at the end of the string in the Find pane.

  • The user can only add and remove characters at the end.

  • The Find pane may be hidden until the user types in a character.

  • Whenever the find string changes, the list in the main pane is filtered, and only the items matching the string are displayed. The user can browse the list normally using the Arrow up and Arrow down keys.

The Find pane can also be a pop-up window. In this case, it is only displayed when it is specifically activated.

Using the Find pane in applications

The APIs to use for the Find pane are the Searchfield API and the Popups API.