Choice list API

The Choice list API is used for providing a vertical list of selectable items.

Figure: Choice list

You can use the Choice list API in all GUI applications. It is a library API that provides an interface for constructing and using the choice list UI component.

You can use the choice list in two ways, with or without the current selection.

If the current selection is displayed, there is an label showing the currently selected item and an arrow button indicating that a list is available.

If without current selection, the choice list must be created with providing a generic button to the list. This button will be used to open the list for selection. The label of the button is defined by the client application when creating the button and will not be changed by the choice list.

For implementation information, see Providing a vertical list of selectable items.

For the Choice list API classes and header files, see Classes and definitions.

Changes and release information

The Choice list API is an SDK API and first released in S60 5th Edition.

Error handling

The leave mechanism of the Symbian platform environment is used to handle memory exhaustion.

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