cemailaccounts.h File Reference


const TIntKEmailAccountNameSize

Maximum size of email account name


const TIntKMaxSmtpMobilityAccountIAPListEntries

Maximum number of entries allowed in the IAP list for a SMTP mobility account

Typedef TPopAccountId

typedef TInt TPopAccountId

Identifier number for a POP email account.

See also: TPopAccount

Typedef TImapAccountId

typedef TInt TImapAccountId

Identifier number for an IMAP email account.

See also: TImapAccount

Typedef TSmtpAccountId

typedef TInt TSmtpAccountId

Identifier number for an SMTP email account.

See also: TSmtpAccount

Typedef TSmtpMobilityAccountId

typedef TInt TSmtpMobilityAccountId

Identifier number for an SMTP moblity account.

Typedef RArrayIAP

typedef RArray< TUint32 >RArrayIAP

Array of IAP values


const TSmtpAccountIdKNullSmtpAccountId

Null or undefined SMTP account identifier