TSmtpAccount Class Reference

#include <mw/cemailaccounts.h>

class TSmtpAccount

Detailed Description

SMTP account ID.

Objects of this type identify SMTP email accounts. They are obtained when a SMTP account is created (CEmailAccounts::CreateSmtpAccountL()), or by querying for what SMTP accounts exist (CEmailAccounts::GetSmtpAccountL() and CEmailAccounts::GetISmtpAccountsL()).

The object is then used as a handle to the account when getting the account settings, using CEmailAccounts::LoadSmtpSettingsL() and CEmailAccounts::LoadSmtpIapSettingsL().

Member Attribute Documentation


TMsvId iRelatedService

Entry ID of the related POP or IMAP service for this account.

An SMTP service (which provides email sending functionality) is used in conjunction with a POP or IMAP service (which provide email retrieval).


TSmtpAccountId iSmtpAccountId

SMTP account identifier number.


TBuf< KEmailAccountNameSize >iSmtpAccountName

SMTP account name


TMsvId iSmtpService

Entry ID of the SMTP service for this account.