TImapAccount Class Reference

#include <mw/cemailaccounts.h>

class TImapAccount

Detailed Description

IMAP account ID.

Objects of this type identify IMAP email accounts. They are obtained when a IMAP account is created (CEmailAccounts::CreateImapAccountL()), or by querying for what IMAP accounts exist (CEmailAccounts::GetImapAccountL() and CEmailAccounts::GetImapAccountsL()).

The object is then used as a handle to the account when getting the account settings, using CEmailAccounts::LoadImapSettingsL() and CEmailAccounts::LoadImapIapSettingsL().

Member Attribute Documentation


TImapAccountId iImapAccountId

IMAP account identifier number.

Each IMAP account stored on the phone has a different identifier number to distinguish it from other accounts.


TBuf< KEmailAccountNameSize >iImapAccountName

IMAP account name


TMsvId iImapService

Entry ID of the IMAP service for this account.


TMsvId iSmtpService

Entry ID of the related SMTP service for this account.

This is set if an SMTP service has been created, using CEmailAccounts::CreateSmtpAccountL(), that specifies that it is related to this account. An SMTP service (which provides email sending functionality) is used in conjunction with a POP or IMAP service (which provide email retrieval).