CVorbisDecoderPlugInWrapper Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

TInt Start (TDeviceFunc aFuncCmd, TDeviceFlow aFlowCmd)
CMMFSwCodec & Codec ()

Static Public Member Functions

NewL ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file VorbisDecoderPlugIn.h.

Member Function Documentation

TInt CVorbisDecoderPlugInWrapper::Start ( TDeviceFunc  aFuncCmd,
TDeviceFlow  aFlowCmd 

This method mainly added to set the Vbr flag in the Datapath after starting the the hardware device.

Any System wide error code

Definition at line 62 of file VorbisDecoderPlugIn.cpp.

CMMFSwCodec & CVorbisDecoderPlugInWrapper::Codec (  ) 

This method returns a CVorbisDecoderPlugIn (CMMFSwCodec) used by this class .

The CMMFSwCodec used by the derived CMMFSwCodecWrapper

Definition at line 50 of file VorbisDecoderPlugIn.cpp.

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