CVorbisDecoderPlugIn Class Reference

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TCodecProcessResult ProcessL (const CMMFBuffer &aSource, CMMFBuffer &aDest)
TUint SourceBufferSize ()
TUint SinkBufferSize ()

Static Public Member Functions

static CVorbisDecoderPlugInNewL ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file VorbisDecoderPlugIn.h.

Member Function Documentation

CMMFSwCodec::TCodecProcessResult CVorbisDecoderPlugIn::ProcessL ( const CMMFBuffer &  aSource,
CMMFBuffer &  aDst 

This method decodes the oggpacket in the source buffer into pcm data and writes it into the destination buffer passed to it.

This function is synchronous, when the function returns the data has been processed.

aSource The source buffer containing the oggpacket to decode.
aDest The destination buffer to hold the pcm data after decoding.
The result of the processing.
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Definition at line 109 of file VorbisDecoderPlugIn.cpp.

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