CBluetoothConnector Class Reference

Inherits CBluetoothConnectionBase, MBluetoothServiceSearcherObserver, MSocketConnectorObserver, and MSocketWriterReaderObserver.

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Public Types

enum  TConnectorState {
  EIdle, ESearchingService, EConnecting, EWaitingForData,

Public Member Functions

 ~CBluetoothConnector ()
void SendData (const TDesC8 &aData)
void StartL ()

Static Public Member Functions

static CBluetoothConnectorNewL (MBluetoothObserver &aConnObs, RSocketServ &aSocketServer, const TBTDevAddr &aDevAddr)

Detailed Description

CBluetoothConnector Manages the connection between a Master and a Slave

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Member Enumeration Documentation

TConnectorState State Machine

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CBluetoothConnector::~CBluetoothConnector (  ) 


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Member Function Documentation

CBluetoothConnector * CBluetoothConnector::NewL ( MBluetoothObserver aConnObs,
RSocketServ &  aSocketServer,
const TBTDevAddr &  aDevAddr 
) [static]

Two phase constructor

aConnObs Interface to report to the caller the status of the connection and incoming/sending data completion
aSocketServer A handle to an existing session on the socket server (ESock)
aDevAddr The remote BT device address

Definition at line 45 of file BluetoothConnector.cpp.

void CBluetoothConnector::SendData ( const TDesC8 &  aData  )  [virtual]

Sends the data to the remote BT device. On completion calls MBluetoothObserver::SendDataComplete

aData A descriptor for the data being sent to the remote BT device

Implements CBluetoothConnectionBase.

Definition at line 212 of file BluetoothConnector.cpp.

void CBluetoothConnector::StartL (  )  [virtual]

Kicks off the state machine

Implements CBluetoothConnectionBase.

Definition at line 110 of file BluetoothConnector.cpp.

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