CBluetoothConnectionBase Class Reference

Inherited by CBluetoothConnector, and CBluetoothResponder.

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~CBluetoothConnectionBase ()
virtual void SendData (const TDesC8 &aData)=0
virtual void StartL ()=0
TInt Handle () const
TBool Master () const

Protected Member Functions

 CBluetoothConnectionBase (TBool aMaster)

Protected Attributes

TBool iMaster
TInt iHandle

Detailed Description

CBluetoothConnectionBase Virtual base class that wraps the common Connector/Responder's functionality

Definition at line 47 of file CommonInterfaces.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CBluetoothConnectionBase::~CBluetoothConnectionBase (  )  [virtual]


Definition at line 38 of file BluetoothConnectorBase.cpp.

CBluetoothConnectionBase::CBluetoothConnectionBase ( TBool  aMaster  )  [protected]


aMaster ETrue if the derived class is a Connector

Definition at line 47 of file BluetoothConnectorBase.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void CBluetoothConnectionBase::SendData ( const TDesC8 &  aData  )  [pure virtual]

Send the data to the remote BT device

aData A descriptor for the data being sent to the remote BT device

Implemented in CBluetoothConnector, and CBluetoothResponder.

virtual void CBluetoothConnectionBase::StartL (  )  [pure virtual]

Kick off the state machine of the Connector/Responder

Implemented in CBluetoothConnector, and CBluetoothResponder.

TInt CBluetoothConnectionBase::Handle (  )  const

Return the object handle

The object's handle

Definition at line 70 of file CommonInterfaces.h.

TBool CBluetoothConnectionBase::Master (  )  const

Query to find out if CBluetoothConnectionBase is either a Master or Slave

Etrue if Master

Definition at line 76 of file CommonInterfaces.h.

Member Data Documentation

Flag for querying if the object is a Master

Definition at line 89 of file CommonInterfaces.h.

Object's handle

Definition at line 94 of file CommonInterfaces.h.

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