Nokia Symbian^3 Developer's Library v1.1

Welcome to the Nokia Symbian^3 Developer's Library.This library is intended for C++ developers creating applications for Symbian^3.

To start moving to Symbian^3, see What's new in Symbian^3 and Porting applications from S60 5th Edition to Symbian^3. Release notes describe the important known issues and limitations with this release of the library.

Begin here Application and Middleware Layers

These sections provide some starting points for using the library and the platform.

About this Library

About Symbian^3

Essential idioms

Example programs

Getting Started

The Application Layer provides application user interfaces and application engines.


Messaging Applications


The Middleware Layer provides application services, including UI frameworks and high level communications.

Application Installation

Browsing and downloading

Classic UI

Generic Application Support

Messaging Middleware

Multimedia Protocols

NFC Services

Key APIs OS Layer

These are quick links to some APIs that most Symbian C++ programs use.

Arrays and lists

Basic types

Cleanup support



The OS Layer provides the Symbian Kernel, and frameworks to support fundamental services.

Cellular Baseband Services

Communications Framework

Device Services

Generic OS Services


Kernel and Hardware Services

Locating Services


OS Security

Networking Services

Persistent Data Services

Text and Localization

Expert Programming All Documents

These documents help you write better and safer programs.


These links take you to full lists of packages and tools described in the library.

Symbian Guide

API Specifications