Getting Started

The Getting started section provides an introduction to mobile application development with the Symbian C++ programming language for the Symbian platform, including instructions on how to develop and run your first applications on your PC and phone. The section also introduces key Symbian project concepts and contents used in application design and development.

Table: Getting started chapters
Name Description
Before You Start Lists the prerequisites for developing Symbian C++ applications for the Symbian platform.
Tutorial 1: Environment and Tools Introduces the environment and tools for Symbian C++ application development.
Tutorial 2: Creating an Application Describes the basics of the Symbian C++ development and deployment steps. You'll create a simple application and run it in the emulator.
Tutorial 3: Importing an Existing Application, Description of Files You'll import an existing application into Carbide.c++. Describes in detail the contents of an imported project's folders and files.
Tutorial 4: Deploying an Application You'll build and deploy an application to the mobile phone. Describes how to distribute the application to a wider audience.
Tutorial 5: Symbian Project Contents Introduces common Symbian project types and Symbian project files.
Tutorial 6: Development Process Provides an overview of the development process. Describes the phases of the development process: coding, building, testing and deploying.

Note: The instructions and screenshots refer to the Nokia Symbian^3 SDK and Carbide.c++ v2.3.0 and might be different in other SDK and Carbide versions.