Quick Start

Application Installation framework enables packaging of the software (SIS files) to suit the device creators’ preferences, unpacking of files supplied in a compressed form, copying them to suitable locations and providing information about the certificates that are generated by the signing authorities.

Getting started with Application Installation

Using Application Installation framework, device creators can create and sign an installation file, generate certificates used for signing, install and preinstall packages, and retrieve information about certificates for analysis. They can also have the native software to be installed on the device.

The intended audience for this guide are the device creators who are interested in learning the basics about Application Installation framework developed for the Symbian platform.


The Application Installation framework consists of the following:

  • The Secure Software Install Tools provides PC-side tools which enable device creators to generate, sign and preinstall Symbian Installation files (SIS files). The collection also includes a set of dump tools, which enable device creators to extract information from SIS files, Software Install (SWI) certificate store and registry entries for analysis.


Application Installation framework uses the following technology:

  • Open SSL Library: Open SSL library is an open source cryptographic library that implements basic cryptographic functions.

Documentation and Examples

The following section lists the tutorials, references and examples to use Application Installation: