RPositionerSubSessionBase Class Reference

#include <lbs.h>

Link against: lbs.lib

class RPositionerSubSessionBase : public RSubSessionBase

Inherits from

  • RPositionerSubSessionBase

    Detailed Description

    Abstract base class for all positioning sub-sessions, including RPositioner.

    Asynchronous requests issued from derived classess are cancelled using the method CancelRequest() with a value from the enumeration _TReqestId corresponding to the particular operation being cancelled.

    See also: RPositioner

    Member Type Definition Documentation

    Typedef TRequestId

    typedef TInt TRequestId

    Type for values defined in _TRequestId

    Member Enumeration Documentation

    Enum _TRequestId

    Identification numbers used for cancelling requests. Note that the TRequestId enum may be extended in the future by adding more enumerated values. To maintain compatibility any unrecognized values must be handled as EReqUnknown.


    Unknown/undefined Id


    The id of the GetLastKnownPosition request


    The id of the GetLastKnownPositionArea request


    The id of the ReqNotifyPositionUpdate request

    Constructor & Destructor Documentation

    RPositionerSubSessionBase ( )


    Constructor for RPositionerSubSessionBase

    Member Function Documentation

    CancelRequest ( TRequestId )

    IMPORT_C TIntCancelRequest(TRequestIdaRequestId)

    Cancels a previously issued asynchronous request. The TRequestStatus of the original request will be set to KErrCancel if the cancellation request was successful, or any other Symbian OS error code if CancelRequest was called too late.

    "Lbs Client Fault" 6 If no connection has been established with Location Server ( by calling RPositionServer::Connect() ).
    aRequestIdis a number that specifies the request to be cancelled. It should be set toEPositionerNotifyPositionUpdate to cancel a call to RPositioner::NotifyPositionUpdate().EPositionerGetLastKnownPosition to cancel a call to RPositioner::GetLastKnownPosition()

    Returns: KErrNotFound if there is no outstanding request for the specified request ID.

    CompleteRequest ( TInt )

    IMPORT_C TIntCompleteRequest(TIntaRequestId)

    ExtendedInterface ( TInt, TAny *, TAny * )

    IMPORT_C TAny *ExtendedInterface(TIntaFunctionNumber,
    TAny *aPtr1,
    TAny *aPtr2
    )[protected, virtual]

    This method is used to allow polymorphic extensions to the API without breaking BC. See documentation for explanation.

    aFunctionNumbercontains the Id of the function to be invoked.
    aPtr1a pointer to any data
    aPtr2a pointer to any data.