MVPbkContactLink Class Reference

#include <app/MVPbkContactLink.h>

Link against: VPbkEng.lib

class MVPbkContactLink
Public Member Functions
virtual ~MVPbkContactLink()
pure virtual MVPbkContactLink *CloneLC()
virtual TAny *ContactLinkExtension(TUid)
pure virtual MVPbkContactStore &ContactStore()
pure virtual TBool IsSame(const MVPbkContactLink &)
HBufC8 *PackLC()
pure virtual const MVPbkContactLinkPacking &Packing()
pure virtual TBool RefersTo(const MVPbkBaseContact &)
pure virtual const MVPbkStreamable *Streamable()

Detailed Description

Virtual Phonebook Contact link. An object that uniquely identifies a single Contact and its ContactStore.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~MVPbkContactLink ( )

~MVPbkContactLink()[inline, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

CloneLC ( )

MVPbkContactLink *CloneLC()const [pure virtual]

Returns a clone of this contact link.

Returns: Contact link copy.

ContactLinkExtension ( TUid )

TAny *ContactLinkExtension(TUid)[inline, virtual]

Returns an extension point for this interface or NULL.

Returns: Extension point or NULL.

ContactStore ( )

MVPbkContactStore &ContactStore()const [pure virtual]

Returns the contact store which this link belongs to.

Returns: Contact store associated with this link.

IsSame ( const MVPbkContactLink & )

TBool IsSame(const MVPbkContactLink &aOther)const [pure virtual]

Returns ETrue if this link refers to the same contact than aOther, EFalse otherwise.

aOtherContact to check equality for.

Returns: ETrue if this link refers to the same contact than aOther, EFalse otherwise.

PackLC ( )

HBufC8 *PackLC()[inline]

Packages this link for IPC transfer. Read it using CVPbkContactLinkArray::NewL.

See also: CVPbkContactLinkArray::NewL

Returns: Packed link.

Packing ( )

const MVPbkContactLinkPacking &Packing()const [pure virtual]

Returns a packing interface for this link.

See also: CVPbkContactLinkArray

RefersTo ( const MVPbkBaseContact & )

TBool RefersTo(const MVPbkBaseContact &aContact)const [pure virtual]

Checks if this link refers to the contact aContact.

aContactContact to check.

Returns: ETrue if this link refers to aContact, EFalse otherwise.

Streamable ( )

const MVPbkStreamable *Streamable()const [pure virtual]

Returns persistent streaming interface for this object, or NULL if persistent streaming is not supported.

Returns: Persistent streaming object or NULL if not supported.