CVPbkFieldFilter Class Reference

#include <app/CVPbkFieldFilter.h>

class CVPbkFieldFilter : public CBase

Inherits from

  • CVPbkFieldFilter

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    Detailed Description

    A filtered and sorted collection of Virtual Phonebook contact fields.

    Constructor & Destructor Documentation

    ~CVPbkFieldFilter ( )



    Member Function Documentation

    FieldAt ( TInt )

    const MVPbkStoreContactField &FieldAt(TIntaIndex)const

    FieldAt ( TInt )

    MVPbkStoreContactField &FieldAt(TIntaIndex)

    FieldAtLC ( TInt )

    MVPbkStoreContactField *FieldAtLC(TIntaIndex)const

    FieldCount ( )

    TInt FieldCount()const

    FindField ( const MVPbkBaseContactField & )

    IMPORT_C TIntFindField(const MVPbkBaseContactField &aContactField)const

    Finds given field from the set of filtered fields

    aContactFieldField to search for.

    Returns: Index of the given field, or KErrNotFound if field is not found.

    NewL ( const TConfig & )

    IMPORT_C CVPbkFieldFilter *NewL(const TConfig &aConfig)[static]

    Creates and returns a new instance of this class.

    aConfigField filtering configuration.

    ParentContact ( )

    MVPbkBaseContact &ParentContact()const

    ParentStoreContact ( )

    MVPbkStoreContact &ParentStoreContact()const

    ResetL ( const TConfig & )

    IMPORT_C voidResetL(const TConfig &aConfig)

    Reset the contents of this filtered field collection according to a new configuration.

    aConfigFiltering configuration to rest to.

    RetrieveField ( const MVPbkContactLink & )

    MVPbkStoreContactField *RetrieveField(const MVPbkContactLink &aContactLink)const