MNfcConnection Class Reference

#include <mw/nfcconnection.h>

Link against: nfcpeermanagement.lib

class MNfcConnection
Public Member Functions
virtual ~MNfcConnection()
pure virtual TInt Activate(TInt)
pure virtual voidCancelRawModeAccess()
pure virtual TNfcConnectionInfo::TNfcConnectionMode ConnectionMode()
pure virtual voidDeactivate()
pure virtual TBool IsActivated()
pure virtual voidRawModeAccess(TRequestStatus &, const TDesC8 &, TDes8 &, TTimeIntervalMicroSeconds32 &)

Detailed Description

This interface provides activation and deactivation methods for NFC connection objects.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~MNfcConnection ( )

~MNfcConnection()[inline, virtual]

Empty destructor.

Member Function Documentation

Activate ( TInt )

TInt Activate(TIntaHandle)[pure virtual]

Activates this MNfcConnection object.


User must not call this

aHandleHandle to the NFC connection

Returns: System wide error code

CancelRawModeAccess ( )

voidCancelRawModeAccess()[pure virtual]

Cancel RawModeAccess operation

ConnectionMode ( )

TNfcConnectionInfo::TNfcConnectionMode ConnectionMode()[pure virtual]

Returns the connection mode of this MNfcConnection object.

Returns: Connection mode

Deactivate ( )

voidDeactivate()[pure virtual]

Deactivates this MNfcConnection object.

IsActivated ( )

TBool IsActivated()[pure virtual]

Is this MNfcConnection object currently in active state.

Return Values

EFalse Inactive
ETrue Active

RawModeAccess ( TRequestStatus &, const TDesC8 &, TDes8 &, TTimeIntervalMicroSeconds32 & )

voidRawModeAccess(TRequestStatus &aStatus,
const TDesC8 &aCommand,
TDes8 &aResponse,
TTimeIntervalMicroSeconds32 &aTimeout
)[pure virtual]

Raw access mode

aCommandcommand binary stream for the tag defined in tag operation spec.
aResponseresponse for the command
aTimeouttimeout for the operation

Returns: KErrNone operation successful. KErrTooBig Response data is too big for aResponse Other system wide errors