MPbkFieldData Class Reference

#include <app/MPbkFieldData.h>

Link against: pbk2rclengine.lib

class MPbkFieldData
Public Member Functions
virtual ~MPbkFieldData()
pure virtual TPbkFieldId PbkFieldId()
pure virtual TPtrC PbkFieldText()
pure virtual TTime PbkFieldTime()
pure virtual TStorageType PbkFieldType()

Detailed Description

Phonebook field data abstract interface. The interface is used as an abstraction to handle phonebook contact item field data access. The Phonebook contact item field abstraction TPbkContactItemField implements this interface.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~MPbkFieldData ( )

~MPbkFieldData()[inline, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

PbkFieldId ( )

TPbkFieldId PbkFieldId()const [pure virtual]

Returns the field id of this field data.

PbkFieldText ( )

TPtrC PbkFieldText()const [pure virtual]

Returns the text value of this field data. PbkFieldType()==KStrorageTypeText.

PbkFieldTime ( )

TTime PbkFieldTime()const [pure virtual]

Returns the Time value of this field data. PbkFieldType()==KStoragetTypeDateTime.

PbkFieldType ( )

TStorageType PbkFieldType()const [pure virtual]

Returns the type of this field data.

Returns: KStrorageTypeText or KStoragetTypeDateTime.