PbkFields.hrh File Reference

#include <app/PbkFields.hrh>

Typedef TPbkFieldId

typedef TInt TPbkFieldId

Type of Phonebook field IDs.

Typedef TPbkFieldGroupId

typedef TInt TPbkFieldGroupId

Type of Phonebook group IDs.

Typedef TPbkOrderingGroup

typedef TInt TPbkOrderingGroup

Phonebook field type ordering group.

Typedef TPbkOrderingItem

typedef TInt TPbkOrderingItem

Phonebook field type ordering item.

Typedef TPbkAdditionalOrderingItem

typedef TInt TPbkAdditionalOrderingItem

Phonebook additional field type ordering item.

Typedef TPbkAddItemOrdering

typedef TInt TPbkAddItemOrdering

Phonebook add new field ordering.