MVPbkContactLinkArray Class Reference

#include <app/MVPbkContactLinkArray.h>

Link against: VPbkVCardEng.lib

class MVPbkContactLinkArray
Public Member Functions
virtual ~MVPbkContactLinkArray()
pure virtual const MVPbkContactLink &At(TInt)
virtual TAny *ContactLinkArrayExtension(TUid)
pure virtual TInt Count()
pure virtual TInt Find(const MVPbkContactLink &)
pure virtual HBufC8 *PackLC()
pure virtual const MVPbkStreamable *Streamable()
const MVPbkContactLink &operator[](TInt)

Detailed Description

Virtual Phonebook contact link array. This interface can be used to handle a read-only array of contact links.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~MVPbkContactLinkArray ( )

~MVPbkContactLinkArray()[inline, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

At ( TInt )

const MVPbkContactLink &At(TIntaIndex)const [pure virtual]

Returns a link in this array at aIndex.

Returns: Link in this array at aIndex.

ContactLinkArrayExtension ( TUid )

TAny *ContactLinkArrayExtension(TUid)[inline, virtual]

Returns an extension point for this interface or NULL.

Count ( )

TInt Count()const [pure virtual]

Returns the number of links in this array.

Returns: Number of links in this array.

Find ( const MVPbkContactLink & )

TInt Find(const MVPbkContactLink &aLink)const [pure virtual]

Searches this array for a link.

aLinkthe link to search.

Returns: The index where aLink was found or KErrNotFound.

PackLC ( )

HBufC8 *PackLC()const [pure virtual]

Packs the contents of this link array for IPC transfer.

See also: MVPbkContactLink::PackLC CVPbkContactManager::CreateLinksLC

Streamable ( )

const MVPbkStreamable *Streamable()const [pure virtual]

Returns persistent streaming interface for this link array, or NULL if persistent streaming is not supported.

operator[] ( TInt )

const MVPbkContactLink &operator[](TIntaIndex)const [inline]

Conveniency wrapper for At().

Returns: Read-only reference to a contact link.