RChangeNotifier Class Reference

#include <e32std.h>

class RChangeNotifier : public RHandleBase

Inherits from

Detailed Description

A handle to a change notifier.

The change notifier itself is a kernel object.

Member Function Documentation

Create ( )

IMPORT_C TIntCreate()

Creates a change notifier, and opens this handle to that change notifier.

Ownership of this change notifier is vested in the current process.

Returns: KErrNone if successful, otherwise one of the other system-wide error codes.

Logon ( TRequestStatus & )

IMPORT_C TIntLogon(TRequestStatus &aStatus)const

Issues a request for notification when changes occur in the environment.

A switch in locale, or crossing over past midnight, are examples of changes that are reported.

When a change in the environment occurs, the request completes and the TRquestStatus object will contain one or more of the bit values defined by the TChanges enum.

Alternatively, if an outstanding request is cancelled by a call to this handle's LogonCancel() member function, then the request completes with a KErrCancel.

Note that if this is the first notification request after creation of the change notifier, then this request completes immediately.

See also: TChanges RChangeNotifier::Logon()

aStatusA reference to the request status object.

Returns: KErrInUse, if there is an outstanding request; KErrNone otherwise.

LogonCancel ( )

IMPORT_C TIntLogonCancel()const

Cancels an outstanding change notification request.

See also: RChangeNotifier::Logon()

Returns: KErrGeneral, if there is no outstanding request; KErrNone otherwise.