MHttpContentSink Class Reference

#include <mw/mhttpcontentsink.h>

class MHttpContentSink
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidOnData(THttpContentSinkOp &)

Detailed Description

The implementation of MHttpContentSink can process the response body data If the application wants to process/sink the data in different means then the client can insulate sink to a different sink

Member Function Documentation

OnData ( THttpContentSinkOp & )

voidOnData(THttpContentSinkOp &aData)[pure virtual]

Supply a part of the response body data. The data will survive till the THttpContentSinkOp::Release/Store is called. application should process the data or keep a separate copy if it has to process the data at a later stage. This function will be called when part of the body data is available

aDataSink Operator