THttpContentSinkOp Class Reference

#include <mw/mhttpcontentsink.h>

Link against: httpservice.lib

class THttpContentSinkOp
Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C TBoolGetData(TPtrC8 &)
IMPORT_C voidRelease()
IMPORT_C voidStore()

Detailed Description

THttpContentSinkOp is an operator to retrieve/store/release the HTTP content. The data consuming can be an asynchronous operation. After consuming the data Release/Store function must be called.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

THttpContentSinkOp ( )


Member Function Documentation

GetData ( TPtrC8 & )

IMPORT_C TBoolGetData(TPtrC8 &aData)

Release ( )

IMPORT_C voidRelease()

Store ( )

IMPORT_C voidStore()