SerializeFilter Class Reference

#include <ext/app/exttesttools/tasqtdatamodel.h>

class SerializeFilter

Allows to filter some elements from the xml tree.

Public Member Functions
virtual ~SerializeFilter()
virtual boolserializeAttribute(TasAttribute &)
virtual boolserializeContainer(TasObjectContainer &)
virtual voidserializeDuplicates(bool)
virtual boolserializeObject(TasObject &)

Detailed Description

The SerializeFilter makes it possible to set filters to avoid the models into producing too much information and therefore slowing thing down. The metaproperty system will at time produce a lot of information that may not always be what is needed.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SerializeFilter ( )



~SerializeFilter ( )


Member Function Documentation

serializeAttribute ( TasAttribute & )

boolserializeAttribute(TasAttribute &attribute)[virtual]

Checks the attribute and returns false if the attribute should not be added to the model.

serializeContainer ( TasObjectContainer & )

boolserializeContainer(TasObjectContainer &container)[virtual]

Checks the container and returns false if the container should not be added to the model.

serializeDuplicates ( bool )


Set the filter to block or allow duplicates.

serializeObject ( TasObject & )

boolserializeObject(TasObject &object)[virtual]

Checks the object and returns false if the object should not be added to the model. Default implementation check duplicates.