TasAttribute Class Reference

#include <ext/app/exttesttools/tasqtdatamodel.h>

class TasAttribute

TasAttribute represents an attribute that an object can have.

Public Member Functions
voidaddValue(const QString &)
voidaddValue(const QSize &)
voidaddValue(const QSizeF &)
voidaddValue(const QPoint &)
voidaddValue(const QPointF &)
voidaddValue(const QRect &)
voidaddValue(const QRectF &)
voidaddValuePlainString(const QString &)
voidsetDataType(const QString &)
voidsetName(const QString &)
voidsetType(const QString &)

Detailed Description

Represents an attribute in tas data model. Attributes consist of name and value pairs.

Attribute in the tas data model represents an attribute of an object. Attributes can be simple name value pairs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~TasAttribute ( )



Member Function Documentation

addValue ( const QString & )

voidaddValue(const QString &value)

Add the attribute value. One name can be mapped to multiple values.

addValue ( const QSize & )

voidaddValue(const QSize &value)

addValue ( const QSizeF & )

voidaddValue(const QSizeF &value)

addValue ( const QPoint & )

voidaddValue(const QPoint &value)

addValue ( const QPointF & )

voidaddValue(const QPointF &value)

addValue ( const QRect & )

voidaddValue(const QRect &value)

addValue ( const QRectF & )

voidaddValue(const QRectF &value)

addValuePlainString ( const QString & )

voidaddValuePlainString(const QString &value)

setDataType ( const QString & )

voidsetDataType(const QString &type)

Set the data type attribute for the attribute object.

setName ( const QString & )

voidsetName(const QString &name)

Set the name for the attribute. Can be for example "text" for a label object. Names are used to get the values for a certain object.

setType ( const QString & )

voidsetType(const QString &type)

Set the type attribute for the attribute object.