TasTargetObject Class Reference

#include <ext/app/exttesttools/tasqtcommandmodel.h>

class TasTargetObject : public TasDomObject, public TasDomObject

Search details about the target object or objecttree.

Inherits from

Detailed Description

TasTargetObject provides the details to search for the object accessed from host side. Details used are object name, class name and a variety of search parameters (properties).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TasTargetObject ( QDomElement )


~TasTargetObject ( )


Member Function Documentation

child ( )

TasTargetObject *child()const

className ( )

QString className()const

Class name of the object to be searched. Must be set.

objectId ( )

QString objectId()const

objectName ( )

QString objectName()const

Object name of the object to be searched. Can be empty.

searchParameters ( )

QHash< QString, QString >searchParameters()const

Set of search parameters.

setChild ( TasTargetObject * )

voidsetChild(TasTargetObject *child)