TasDomObject Class Reference

#include <ext/app/exttesttools/tasqtcommandmodel.h>

class TasDomObject
Protected Attributes
QDomElement mElement
Public Member Functions
voidaddDomAttribute(const QString &, const QString &)
QDomElement domElement()
QString parameter(const QString &)
voidsetText(const QString &)
Protected Member Functions
QDomElement addChild(const QString &)

Member Attribute Documentation


QDomElement mElement[protected]

Member Function Documentation

addChild ( const QString & )

QDomElement addChild(const QString &name)[protected]

addDomAttribute ( const QString &, const QString & )

voidaddDomAttribute(const QString &name,
const QString &value

domElement ( )

QDomElement domElement()const

parameter ( const QString & )

QString parameter(const QString &name)

Return a parameter for the value. The QString can be empty and should always be verified using QString::isEmpty

setText ( const QString & )

voidsetText(const QString &text)