CRemConTrackInfoController Class Reference

#include <remcontrackinfocontroller.h>

Link against: remconextapi1.lib

class CRemConTrackInfoController : public CRemConInterfaceBase, public MRemConInterfaceIf

Inherits from

Detailed Description

Client-instantiable type supporting sending TrackInfo API commands.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~CRemConTrackInfoController ( )



Member Function Documentation

NewL ( CRemConInterfaceSelector &, MRemConTrackInfoControllerObserver & )

IMPORT_C CRemConTrackInfoController *NewL(CRemConInterfaceSelector &aInterfaceSelector,
MRemConTrackInfoControllerObserver &aObserver

Factory function.

aInterfaceSelectorThe interface selector. The client must have created one of these first.
aObserverThe observer of this interface.
Return Value
A new CRemConTrackInfoController, owned by the interface selector.

SetTrackName ( TRequestStatus &, const TDesC &, TUint & )

IMPORT_C voidSetTrackName(TRequestStatus &aStatus,
const TDesC &aTrackName,
TUint &aNumRemotes
Sends a 'set track name' command. Only one command per controller session can be outstanding at any one time.
aStatusUsed by RemCon to indicate completion of the send request.
aTrackNameThe track name.
aNumRemotesOn success, will contain the number of remotes the command was sent to.
Panic Codes
USER23, if the length of aTrackName is greater than 58 Characters.