MRemConInterfaceIf Class Reference

#include <remcon/remconinterfaceif.h>

class MRemConInterfaceIf
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidMrcibNewMessage(TUint, const TDesC8 &)

Detailed Description

Mixin for outer layer interfaces to be notified of incoming messages (commands and responses). Having received a command, the client is obliged to send a response. A client can only have one send outstanding at any time. If commands come in quickly, the client is responsible for queueing its responses to them. Note that each command delivered to a target involves memory allocated in the servers heap, which is only released on client closure or when a response is sent.

Member Function Documentation

MrcibNewMessage ( TUint, const TDesC8 & )

const TDesC8 &aData
)[pure virtual]

Called when a message comes in for this interface.

aOperationIdThe interface-specific operation id.
aDataAny operation-specific data.