CRemConBatteryApiTarget Class Reference

#include <remconbatterytarget.h>

Link against: remconbatterystatusapi.lib

class CRemConBatteryApiTarget : public CRemConInterfaceBase, public MRemConInterfaceIf

Inherits from

Detailed Description

Client-instantiable type supporting sending Battery Status responses.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~CRemConBatteryApiTarget ( )



Member Function Documentation

NewL ( CRemConInterfaceSelector &, MRemConBatteryTargetObserver & )

IMPORT_C CRemConBatteryApiTarget *NewL(CRemConInterfaceSelector &aInterfaceSelector,
MRemConBatteryTargetObserver &aObserver
aInterfaceSelectorThe interface selector. The client must have created one of these first.
aObserverThe observer of this interface.
Return Value
A new CRemConBatteryApiTarget, owned by the interface selector.