CApaModelHeader Class Reference

#include <mw/apamdr.h>

Link against: apparc.lib

class CApaModelHeader : public CBase

Inherits from

Detailed Description

An interface class that acts as a wrapper for an application model.

This is also known as an application model header.

The class provides the knowledge for internalizing and externalizing an application model's data. An instance of the class is used by CApaModelDoor.

A concrete implementation of the class must be supplied by the application model (not the application UI). An instance of the class is constructed by a factory object that implements the MApaModelHeaderFactory interface; the factory object is also supplied by the application model (not the application UI).

See also: CApaModelDoor TApaModelDoorFactory MApaModelHeaderFactory

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CApaModelHeader ( )


Constructor for CApaModelHeader

Member Function Documentation

AppId ( )

TApaAppIdentifier AppId()const [pure virtual]

Gets the identity of the application associated with the application model.

Return Value
The application identity.

DetachFromStoreL ( CPicture::TDetach )

voidDetachFromStoreL(CPicture::TDetachaDegree)[pure virtual]

Restores the model to the specified degree.

An implementation of this function should propagate this call to all components of the model.

aDegreeThe degree to which restoration is needed.

StoreL ( CStreamStore &, CStreamDictionary & )

voidStoreL(CStreamStore &aStore,
CStreamDictionary &aDict
)const [pure virtual]

Stores the model and its components in the specified store.

aStoreThe store in which the model's components are to be stored.
aDictThe stream dictionary into which stream IDs and associated UIDs are put.