TApaAppIdentifier Class Reference

#include <mw/apaid.h>

Link against: apparc.lib

class TApaAppIdentifier
Public Attributes
TUid iAppUid
TFileName iFullName
Public Member Functions
TApaAppIdentifier(TUid, const TFileName &)
IMPORT_C voidExternalizeL(RWriteStream &)
IMPORT_C voidInternalizeL(RReadStream &)

Detailed Description

The identity of an application.

An object of this type contains two pieces of information:

The application specific UID

The file name and extension of the application DLL

All persisted documents associated with this application have a stream containing this information.

See also: CApaProcess::ReadRootStreamLC() CApaProcess::WriteRootStreamL() CApaProcess::ReadAppIdentifierL() CApaProcess::WriteAppIdentifierL()

Member Attribute Documentation


TUid iAppUid

The application-specific UID.


TFileName iFullName

The full path name of the application DLL.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TApaAppIdentifier ( )


Constructs an empty application identifier.

The data is not initialised.

TApaAppIdentifier ( TUid, const TFileName & )

const TFileName &aDllName

Constructs an application identifier from the specified application DLL file name and extension, and the specified application UID.

aAppUidTypeThe application specific UID.
aDllNameThe filename and extension of the application DLL.

Member Function Documentation

ExternalizeL ( RWriteStream & )

IMPORT_C voidExternalizeL(RWriteStream &aStream)const

Externalises the application identifier to a write stream.

aStreamThe write stream.

InternalizeL ( RReadStream & )

IMPORT_C voidInternalizeL(RReadStream &aStream)

Internalises the application identifier from a read stream.

aStreamThe read stream.