Indicator Container is a pane on the Status pane, which contains all the indicators which show the status of the phone.


This API is valid for all S60 on Symbian platforms.

Classification and release information

This API is an SDK API and available on all S60 on Symbian platforms. The document is valid from S60 5th Edition.

Emulator support

This API is fully supported in the WINS/WINSCW emulator environment.

API description

Indicator Container is a Framework API. It can be used by the application to control the application's indicator state (as opposite to the global indicator state, which is controlled through other APIs).

Use cases

  • Set the indicator's state.

  • Enable or disable the incall bubble's visibility

API class structure

The following class diagram shows the class structure of CAknIndicatorContainer

Related APIs
  • CAknIndicatorContainer

Using the Indicators API

Set the indicator's state

The indicator's state can be controlled through this function void SetIndicatorValueL( TUid aIndicatorId, const TDesC& aString ).

Enable or disable the incall bubble's visibility

The incall bubble can be controlled through the following functions.

  • void SetIncallBubbleFlags( const TInt& aFlags )

  • void SetIncallBubbleAllowedInIdle( TBool aAllowed );

  • void SetIncallBubbleAllowedInUsual( TBool aAllowed )

Error handling


Memory overhead


Extensions to the API


Limitations of the API