Context pane is a pane on the application's Status pane. Application can set an image to be shown in the Context pane.


This API is valid for S60 on Symbian OS.

Classification and release information

This API is an SDK API and available for S60 on Symbian OS. The document is valid S60 5th Edition onwards.

Emulator support

This API is fully supported in the WINS/WINSCW emulator environment.

API description

Context pane is a pane shown on the Status pane, which end-user applications can utilize to show some picture. It is a Framework API. The picture can be set from a pre-constructed CFbsBitmap or CEikImage , a bitmap file or a resource file.

Use cases

Set a picture to be shown on the Context pane.

API class structure

CAknContextPane is contained in CEikStatusPane . It is inherited from CAknControl .

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Related APIs
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  • CFbsBitmap

Using the Context pane

Set a picture to Context pane

The following code snippet shows how to set a picture to the Context pane.

              CAknContextPane* contextPane = (CAknContextPane*)sp->ControlL(contextPaneUid);
contextPane->SetPicture(aBitmap, aMask);

Error handling


Memory overhead


Extensions to the API


Limitations of the API

CAknContextPane cannot be instantiated and inherited. It only can be used on the Status pane and retrieved from the Status pane as the following code snippet shows.

              CAknContextPane* cp = (CAknContextPane *)
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