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TUint32 MyHashFunction (const TMyOwnObject &aObject)
TBool MyIdentityFunction (const TMyOwnObject &aObject1, const TMyOwnObject &aObject2)
void FindNumberInWords (const TInt &aNum, TDes &aDes)
void MainL ()
GLDEF_C TInt E32Main ()

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Function Documentation

TUint32 MyHashFunction ( const TMyOwnObject &  aObject  ) 

This is a simple implementation of a hash function for a compound object. It is not intended as an example of an optimum hash function implementation

aObject Custom structure object
Integer value of hash function for two values of a specified custom structure objects

Definition at line 112 of file hashtableexample.cpp.

TBool MyIdentityFunction ( const TMyOwnObject &  aObject1,
const TMyOwnObject &  aObject2 

Custom identity function in arbitary implementation to check the identity relation between the values of two custom structure objects.

aObj1 Custom structure object
aObj2 Custom structure object
Boolean value of identity function for two custom structure objects

Definition at line 124 of file hashtableexample.cpp.

void FindNumberInWords ( const TInt &  aNum,
TDes &  aDes 

Converts the specified number into words

aNum Integer to convert
aDes Reference to the descriptor containing the result in words

Definition at line 279 of file hashtableexample.cpp.

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