MTransactionObserver Class Reference

Inherited by CTaskManagerAppView.

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Public Member Functions

virtual void OpeningConnectionL ()=0
virtual void SuccessL (const CResponse &aResponse)=0
virtual void FailedL (const TInt &aError)=0
virtual void ConnectingToServerL (const TBool &aLoadingTasks)=0
virtual void CancelledL ()=0
virtual void ErrorL (const TDesC &aErrorMsg)=0

Detailed Description

A mixin class for notifying about transactions.

Definition at line 53 of file TaskManagerEngine.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void MTransactionObserver::OpeningConnectionL (  )  [pure virtual]

Called when a GPRS connection is being opened.

virtual void MTransactionObserver::SuccessL ( const CResponse aResponse  )  [pure virtual]

Called when aa transaction has successfully finished.

aResponse contains the response received from the server.
virtual void MTransactionObserver::FailedL ( const TInt &  aError  )  [pure virtual]

Called when a transaction has failed.

aError the error code.
virtual void MTransactionObserver::ConnectingToServerL ( const TBool &  aLoadingTasks  )  [pure virtual]

Called when a transaction is initiated.

aLoadingTasks ETrue if downloading tasks, EFalse if completing a task.
virtual void MTransactionObserver::CancelledL (  )  [pure virtual]

Called when user cancelled the transaction.

virtual void MTransactionObserver::ErrorL ( const TDesC &  aErrorMsg  )  [pure virtual]

Called when the user tries to initialise a transaction, but settings are faulty.

aErrorMsg error message.

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