MCameraEngineObserver Class Reference

Inherited by CCameraWrapperExampleAppView.

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Public Member Functions

virtual void MceoCameraReady ()=0
virtual void MceoFocusComplete ()=0
virtual void MceoCapturedDataReady (TDesC8 *aData)=0
virtual void MceoCapturedBitmapReady (CFbsBitmap *aBitmap)=0
virtual void MceoViewFinderFrameReady (CFbsBitmap &aFrame)=0
virtual void MceoHandleError (TCameraEngineError aErrorType, TInt aError)=0
virtual void MceoHandleOtherEvent (const TECAMEvent &)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file cameraengineobserver.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void MCameraEngineObserver::MceoCameraReady (  )  [pure virtual]

Camera is ready to use for capturing images.

virtual void MCameraEngineObserver::MceoFocusComplete (  )  [pure virtual]

Camera AF lens has attained optimal focus

virtual void MCameraEngineObserver::MceoCapturedDataReady ( TDesC8 *  aData  )  [pure virtual]

Captured data is ready - call CCameraEngine::ReleaseImageBuffer() after processing/saving the data (typically, JPG-encoded image)

aData Pointer to a descriptor containing a frame of camera data.
virtual void MCameraEngineObserver::MceoCapturedBitmapReady ( CFbsBitmap *  aBitmap  )  [pure virtual]

Captured bitmap is ready. after processing/saving the image, call CCameraEngine::ReleaseImageBuffer() to free the bitmap.

aBitmap Pointer to an FBS bitmap containing a captured image.
virtual void MCameraEngineObserver::MceoViewFinderFrameReady ( CFbsBitmap &  aFrame  )  [pure virtual]

A new viewfinder frame is ready. after displaying the frame, call CCameraEngine::ReleaseViewFinderBuffer() to free the bitmap.

aFrame Pointer to an FBS bitmap containing a viewfinder frame.
virtual void MCameraEngineObserver::MceoHandleError ( TCameraEngineError  aErrorType,
TInt  aError 
) [pure virtual]

Notifies clients about errors in camera engine

aErrorType type of error (see TCameraEngineError)
aError Symbian system-wide error code
virtual void MCameraEngineObserver::MceoHandleOtherEvent ( const TECAMEvent &   )  [virtual]

Notifies client about other events not recognized by camera engine. The default implementation is empty.

aEvent camera event (see MCameraObserver2::HandleEvent())

Definition at line 89 of file cameraengineobserver.h.

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