MCalendarEngineCommandsInterface Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual void DoSearchL (const TSearchType &aType)=0
virtual void DoAddL ()=0
virtual void DoSaveL ()=0
virtual void CreateEntryForModificationL (TBool &aModify)=0
virtual TInt EntryCount () const =0
virtual void DeleteEntryL (const TInt &aIndex)=0
virtual void ExecuteDeletionL ()=0
virtual CCalHelperEntryEntry (const TInt &aIndex)=0
virtual void SetModifyIndex (const TInt &aIndex)=0
virtual TInt ModifyIndex () const =0
virtual TBool SetValuesToNewEntry (const TDesC &aName, const TDateTime &aDate, const TBool &aAlarm, const TDateTime &aAlarmTime, const TInt &aSynchronizationMethod)=0
virtual void GetValuesToSet (TDes &aName, TTime &aDate, TBool &aAlarm, TTime &aAlarmTime, TInt &aSync)=0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 66 of file CalendarAPIexampleEngine.h.

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