CCalHelperEntry Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ~CCalHelperEntry ()
CCalEntry * NewAnnivLC ()
void SaveValuesL ()
TBool SetValues (const TDesC &aName, const TDateTime &aDate, const TBool &aAlarm, const TDateTime &aAlarmTime, const TInt &aSynchronizationMethod)
TBuf< KMaxNameLength > Name () const
TDateTime Date () const
TBool Alarm () const
TDateTime AlarmTime () const
TInt SynchronizationMethod () const
CCalEntry * Anniv ()
TBool Modified () const
TBool DateHasChanged () const

Static Public Member Functions

static CCalHelperEntryNewL (CCalEntry *aAnniv)
static CCalHelperEntryNewLC (CCalEntry *aAnniv)
static CCalHelperEntryNewL (CCalInstance *aAnniv)
static CCalHelperEntryNewLC (CCalInstance *aAnniv)

Detailed Description

CCalHelperEntry - wrapper class for handling CCalEntrys and CCalInstances.

Definition at line 46 of file CalendarHelperEntry.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CCalHelperEntry::~CCalHelperEntry (  ) 


Definition at line 183 of file CalendarHelperEntry.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

CCalHelperEntry * CCalHelperEntry::NewL ( CCalEntry *  aAnniv  )  [static]

Two-phased constructor.

Definition at line 54 of file CalendarHelperEntry.cpp.

CCalEntry * CCalHelperEntry::NewAnnivLC (  ) 


Creates a new CCalEntry object, initializes it with entrys data and returns it.

Definition at line 621 of file CalendarHelperEntry.cpp.

void CCalHelperEntry::SaveValuesL (  ) 


Sets entrys values to entrys member CCalEntry object (iAnniv). Use SaveValuesL first to set values to entry. Call to SaveValuesL is required only just before anniversary is added or updated to the agenda file.

Definition at line 538 of file CalendarHelperEntry.cpp.

TBool CCalHelperEntry::SetValues ( const TDesC &  aName,
const TDateTime &  aDate,
const TBool &  aAlarm,
const TDateTime &  aAlarmTime,
const TInt &  aSynchronizationMethod 


Sets given values to entry. Returns ETrue if values are valid, EFalse if not. After setting values, use SaveValuesL() to set entrys values to entrys member CCalEntry object (iAnniv). param aName - name of description of anniversary. param aAge - age of the anniversary param aDate - date when the anniversary occurs. param aAlarm - defines whether the anniversary has an alarm param aAlarmTime - time when the alarm goes off. param aSynchronizationMethod - defines how the anniversary is synchronized with e.g. PC.

Definition at line 348 of file CalendarHelperEntry.cpp.

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