MBluetoothDeviceDiscovererObserver Class Reference

Inherited by CBluetoothManager.

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Public Member Functions

virtual void OnDeviceDiscoveryErr (const TInt aError)=0
virtual void OnDeviceDiscoveryComplete (const TBTDeviceResponseParamsPckg &aResponse)=0

Detailed Description

MBluetoothDeviceDiscovererObserver Interface for notifying the remote BT device's address selected by the user using the RNotifier

Definition at line 167 of file CommonInterfaces.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void MBluetoothDeviceDiscovererObserver::OnDeviceDiscoveryErr ( const TInt  aError  )  [pure virtual]

Notify any error during device discovering

aError An error

Implemented in CBluetoothManager.

virtual void MBluetoothDeviceDiscovererObserver::OnDeviceDiscoveryComplete ( const TBTDeviceResponseParamsPckg &  aResponse  )  [pure virtual]

Call when the user selects a BT device in range

aResponse Pckgbuf to retrieve the response from the device selection dialog via the Notifier framework

Implemented in CBluetoothManager.

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