CVorbisEncoder Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

TInt PageOutL (CMMFDataBuffer &aBuf)
void PcmInL (const CMMFDataBuffer &aBuf)
void Reset ()
TInt BitRateL ()
void SetBitRateL (TInt aBitRate)
void InitializeVorbisStreamL ()
void ConfigureL (TInt aSampleRate, TInt aChannels)
void ConvertBitRateToQuality (TInt aBitRate, TReal32 &aQuality)

Static Public Member Functions

static CVorbisEncoderNewL ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file VorbisEncoder.h.

Member Function Documentation

TInt CVorbisEncoder::PageOutL ( CMMFDataBuffer &  aDst  ) 

This method tries to frame an oggpage out of the pcm data in the vorbis analysis buffer and writes it into the destination buffer aDst..

aDst The buffer in which the oggpage is to be placed.
The length of the encoded data written into aDst.

Definition at line 120 of file VorbisEncoder.cpp.

void CVorbisEncoder::PcmInL ( const CMMFDataBuffer &  aBuf  ) 

This method takes raw data as an input and puts into the vorbis analysis buffer which is owned by the libvorbis. It also updates libvorbis with how many bytes of PCM is written into the buffer.

aBuf The Source buffer with PCM data

Definition at line 56 of file VorbisEncoder.cpp.

void CVorbisEncoder::InitializeVorbisStreamL (  ) 

This method initializes the vorbis stream depending on the configuration set on the encoder and prepares the header packets using PrepareHeadersL().

Any Systemwide error code.

Definition at line 246 of file VorbisEncoder.cpp.

void CVorbisEncoder::ConfigureL ( TInt  aSampleRate,
TInt  aChannels 

This method sets the samplerate and channels on the encoder and initializes the vorbis stream.

Any Systemwide error code.

Definition at line 270 of file VorbisEncoder.cpp.

void CVorbisEncoder::ConvertBitRateToQuality ( TInt  aBitRate,
TReal32 &  aQuality 

This method selects the quality corresponding to the bitrate.

aBitRate The Bitrate(input)
aQuality(output) The quality corresponding to the aBitRate

Definition at line 299 of file VorbisEncoder.cpp.

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