CTe_ThreadClientServerTestSuite Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ~CTe_ThreadClientServerTestSuite ()
virtual CTestStep * CreateTestStep (const TDesC &aStepName)
CActiveScheduler * Scheduler () const
RThreadClientHandler ()

Static Public Member Functions

NewL ()

Detailed Description

Demonstrates how to create test step and perform asynchronous operation for thread client server

Definition at line 33 of file Te_ThreadClientServerTestSuiteServer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CTe_ThreadClientServerTestSuite::~CTe_ThreadClientServerTestSuite (  ) 


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Member Function Documentation

CTe_ThreadClientServerTestSuite * CTe_ThreadClientServerTestSuite::NewL (  )  [static]

Same code for Secure and non-secure variants Called inside the MainL() function to create and start the two phase constructor and CTestServer derived server.

Instance of the test server

Definition at line 48 of file Te_ThreadClientServerTestSuiteServer.cpp.

CTestStep * CTe_ThreadClientServerTestSuite::CreateTestStep ( const TDesC &  aStepName  )  [virtual]
A CTestStep derived instance Secure and non-secure variants Implementation of CTestServer pure virtual

Definition at line 121 of file Te_ThreadClientServerTestSuiteServer.cpp.

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