CTe_ProcessClientServerTestSuiteStepBase Class Reference

Inherited by CMainTestStep.

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Public Member Functions

 CTe_ProcessClientServerTestSuiteStepBase (CTe_ProcessClientServerTestSuite &aParent)
virtual TVerdict doTestStepPreambleL ()
virtual TVerdict doTestStepPostambleL ()
virtual ~CTe_ProcessClientServerTestSuiteStepBase ()

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

This new step base is used to define the project related common variables and members of all the individual test steps.

Definition at line 32 of file Te_ProcessClientServerTestSuiteStepBase.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CTe_ProcessClientServerTestSuiteStepBase::CTe_ProcessClientServerTestSuiteStepBase ( CTe_ProcessClientServerTestSuite aParent  ) 


Definition at line 78 of file Te_ProcessClientServerTestSuiteStepBase.cpp.

CTe_ProcessClientServerTestSuiteStepBase::~CTe_ProcessClientServerTestSuiteStepBase (  )  [virtual]


Definition at line 72 of file Te_ProcessClientServerTestSuiteStepBase.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

TVerdict CTe_ProcessClientServerTestSuiteStepBase::doTestStepPreambleL (  )  [virtual]

Implementation of CTestStep base class virtual To make sure there is an active scheduler installed in test step thread

TVerdict Result of the test step as EFail or EPass

Definition at line 48 of file Te_ProcessClientServerTestSuiteStepBase.cpp.

TVerdict CTe_ProcessClientServerTestSuiteStepBase::doTestStepPostambleL (  )  [virtual]

Implementation of CTestStep base class virtual Used for doing all after test treatment common to derived classes. Make the function leave; the leave is picked up by the framework

TVerdict Result of the test step as EFail or EPass

Definition at line 65 of file Te_ProcessClientServerTestSuiteStepBase.cpp.

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