CSocketWriter Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 CSocketWriter (RSocket &aBtSocket, MSocketWriterReaderObserver &aObserver)
 ~CSocketWriter ()
TInt Write (const TDesC8 &aBuf)

Detailed Description

CSocketWriter Send data to a remote BT device and wait for completion

Definition at line 122 of file BluetoothSocketWriterReader.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CSocketWriter::CSocketWriter ( RSocket &  aBtSocket,
MSocketWriterReaderObserver aObserver 

Constructor aBtSocket Client endpoint to the RFCOMM protocol aObserver Interface to notify when data arrives

Definition at line 111 of file BluetoothSocketWriterReader.cpp.

CSocketWriter::~CSocketWriter (  ) 


Definition at line 122 of file BluetoothSocketWriterReader.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

TInt CSocketWriter::Write ( const TDesC8 &  aBuf  ) 

Writes data to a remote Bluetooth device

Definition at line 157 of file BluetoothSocketWriterReader.cpp.

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