CSmileyPicture Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  TMood { EHappy, ENeutral, ESad }
enum  TSizeSpec { ELarge, EMedium, ESmall }

Public Member Functions

TStreamId StoreL (CStreamStore &aStore) const
void Draw (CGraphicsContext &aGc, const TPoint &aTopLeft, const TRect &aClipRect, MGraphicsDeviceMap *aMap) const
void SetMood (TMood aMood)
TMood Mood ()
void SetSize (TSizeSpec aSizeSpec)
TSizeSpec Size ()
TInt SpecToFactor () const
void GetOriginalSizeInTwips (TSize &aSize) const
void SetScaleFactor (TInt aScaleFactorWidth, TInt aScaleFactorHeight)
void SetCropInTwips (const TMargins &aMargins)
TPictureCapability Capability () const
void GetCropInTwips (TMargins &aMargins) const
TInt ScaleFactorWidth () const
TInt ScaleFactorHeight () const

Static Public Member Functions

static CSmileyPictureNewL (TMood aMood, TSizeSpec aSizeSpec)
static CSmileyPictureNewL (const CStreamStore &aStore, TStreamId aStreamId)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file EmbeddingGraphicsControl.h.

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