CSearchsortExample Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ~CSearchsortExample ()
void CreateClientRegistryL ()
void CreatePopAndSmtpAccountL ()
void CreateSmtpMessageL (TInt aindex, TDes &aFrominfo, TDes &aToinfo, TDes &aSubjectinfo)
void SearchSortRequestWithoutIteratorL (TDes &aSender, TBool aCaseSensitivity, TBool aWholeWordSearch, TBool aCombinedSearch, TInt &aResultCount)
void SearchSortRequestWithIteratorL (TInt &aResultCount)
void SearchSortRequestByQueryIdL (TInt &aResultCount)
void HandleSessionEventL (TMsvSessionEvent aEvent, TAny *aArg1, TAny *aArg2, TAny *aArg3)
void DeleteSmtpMessageL ()
void DeleteAccountsL ()

Static Public Member Functions

static CSearchsortExampleNewL ()

Public Attributes

RArray< TResultSummaryiTResultSummary

Detailed Description


Definition at line 120 of file searchsortexample.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CSearchsortExample::~CSearchsortExample (  ) 


Definition at line 60 of file searchsortexample.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

CSearchsortExample * CSearchsortExample::NewL (  )  [static]

ApI Implementation

Definition at line 38 of file searchsortexample.cpp.

void CSearchsortExample::CreateClientRegistryL (  ) 

Starts a message server session. Creates the client side mtm registry and pop client mtm. KErrNoMemory, KErrNotFound, KErrBadLibraryEntryPoint.

Definition at line 94 of file searchsortexample.cpp.

void CSearchsortExample::CreatePopAndSmtpAccountL (  ) 

Creates a pop account and an smtp account. Sets the pop server address to the system address. Sets the login name and password. system wide error codes

Definition at line 121 of file searchsortexample.cpp.

void CSearchsortExample::CreateSmtpMessageL ( TInt  aindex,
TDes &  aFrominfo,
TDes &  aToinfo,
TDes &  aSubjectinfo 

Creates an smtp message,stores and then commits settings to a specified message store. KErrNoMemory,KErrNotFound,KErrAccessDenied,Standard

Definition at line 190 of file searchsortexample.cpp.

void CSearchsortExample::SearchSortRequestWithoutIteratorL ( TDes &  aSearchtext,
TBool  aCaseSensitivity,
TBool  aWholeWordSearch,
TBool  aCombinedSearch,
TInt &  aResultCount 

Seachsort request without iterator.

Definition at line 303 of file searchsortexample.cpp.

void CSearchsortExample::SearchSortRequestWithIteratorL ( TInt &  aResultCount  ) 

Seachsort request with iterator.

Definition at line 405 of file searchsortexample.cpp.

void CSearchsortExample::SearchSortRequestByQueryIdL ( TInt &  aResultCount  ) 

Seachsort request by QueryId.

Definition at line 465 of file searchsortexample.cpp.

void CSearchsortExample::DeleteSmtpMessageL (  ) 

Deleting Smtp message entries

Definition at line 551 of file searchsortexample.cpp.

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