CSMSExampleAppUi Class Reference

Inherits MSmsEngineObserver.

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Public Member Functions

void ConstructL ()
 ~CSMSExampleAppUi ()
TInt GetAddressL ()
TInt QueryMessageL ()
void QueryMessagesAndExecuteL (TInt aMode, TMsvId aOriginFolderID, TMsvId aDestinationFolderID)
void ShowMessageL (const TDesC &aMsg) const
void ShowErrorL (TInt aErrorCode) const
void SendingMessage ()
void MessageSent ()
void MessageReceived (const TDesC &addr, const TDesC &msg)
void SmsEngineInitialized ()
void SmsEngineError (TInt aErrorCode)
void MessageDeleted ()
void HandleResourceChangeL (TInt aType)

Detailed Description

Application UI class.

Definition at line 31 of file SMSExampleAppui.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CSMSExampleAppUi::~CSMSExampleAppUi (  ) 


Definition at line 68 of file SMSExampleAppui.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void CSMSExampleAppUi::ConstructL (  ) 

default constructor.

Definition at line 47 of file SMSExampleAppui.cpp.

TInt CSMSExampleAppUi::GetAddressL (  ) 

Query message address (recipient).

dialog return value

Definition at line 94 of file SMSExampleAppui.cpp.

TInt CSMSExampleAppUi::QueryMessageL (  ) 

Query message body.

dialog return value

Definition at line 103 of file SMSExampleAppui.cpp.

void CSMSExampleAppUi::QueryMessagesAndExecuteL ( TInt  aMode,
TMsvId  aOriginFolderID,
TMsvId  aDestinationFolderID 

Execute one operation according to ListBox mode.

aMode Mode of the ListBox.
aOriginFolderID Source folder of the operation.
aDestinationFolderID Target folder of the operation.

Definition at line 257 of file SMSExampleAppui.cpp.

void CSMSExampleAppUi::ShowMessageL ( const TDesC &  aMsg  )  const

Show a dialog containing the message

aMsg the message

Definition at line 281 of file SMSExampleAppui.cpp.

void CSMSExampleAppUi::ShowErrorL ( TInt  aErrorCode  )  const

Show a dialog containing the error code

aErrorCode the error code

Definition at line 273 of file SMSExampleAppui.cpp.

void CSMSExampleAppUi::SendingMessage (  )  [virtual]

From MSmsEngineObserver

Implements MSmsEngineObserver.

Definition at line 307 of file SMSExampleAppui.cpp.

void CSMSExampleAppUi::HandleResourceChangeL ( TInt  aType  ) 

from CAknAppUiBase

Definition at line 288 of file SMSExampleAppui.cpp.

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