CProcessServerSession Class Reference

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class  CAsyncHandler

Public Member Functions

 ~CProcessServerSession ()
void CreateL ()
void ServiceL (const RMessage2 &aMessage)

Static Public Member Functions

static CProcessServerSessionNewL (CProcessServer &aServer)

Detailed Description

Server-side client session class for process server

Definition at line 44 of file processserversession.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CProcessServerSession::~CProcessServerSession (  ) 


Definition at line 61 of file processserversession.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

CProcessServerSession * CProcessServerSession::NewL ( CProcessServer aServer  )  [static]

Starts two phase construction

Definition at line 38 of file processserversession.cpp.

void CProcessServerSession::CreateL (  ) 

Completes construction of this server-side client session object when a client makes a connection request and increases the reference count

Definition at line 71 of file processserversession.cpp.

void CProcessServerSession::ServiceL ( const RMessage2 &  aMessage  ) 

Handles the servicing of a client request that has been passed to the server

Definition at line 84 of file processserversession.cpp.

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