CPngWriteSubCodec Class Reference

Inherited by CBitDepth1Encoder, CBitDepth2Encoder, CBitDepth4Encoder, CBitDepth8ColorType2Encoder, and CBitDepth8Encoder.

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Public Member Functions

TDes8 & Buffer ()
TInt BufferSize () const
TDes8 & EncodeL (const TInt aScanline)
CPalette * Palette () const

Static Public Member Functions

static CPngWriteSubCodecNewL (const TPngImageInformation &aInfo, const CFbsBitmap *aSource)

Protected Member Functions

TUint8 ReverseBits (const TUint8 aValue) const
void EncodePalettedScanline (TUint8 *aDataPtr, const CFbsBitmap *aSource, const TInt aScanline, const TInt aPixelsPerByte, const TInt aShiftValue)

Protected Attributes

TPngImageInformation iInfo
const CFbsBitmap * iSource
TInt iScanlineBufferSize
HBufC8 * iScanlineBuffer
TPtr8 iScanlineDes
CPalette * iPalette

Detailed Description

Definition at line 247 of file PNGCodec.h.

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