CPngReadSubCodec Class Reference

Inherited by CBitDepth16ColorType0Decoder, CBitDepth16ColorType2Decoder, CBitDepth16ColorType4Decoder, CBitDepth16ColorType6Decoder, CBitDepth1Decoder, CBitDepth2Decoder, CBitDepth4Decoder, CBitDepth8ColorType2Decoder, CBitDepth8ColorType4Decoder, CBitDepth8ColorType6Decoder, and CBitDepth8Decoder.

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Public Member Functions

TDes8 & FirstBuffer ()
TDes8 & DecodeL ()

Static Public Member Functions

static CPngReadSubCodecNewL (CImageProcessor *aImageProc, CImageProcessor *aMaskProc, const TPngImageInformation &aInfo)

Protected Member Functions

void WritePixel (TRgb aPixelColor)
void WritePixel (TRgb aPixelColor, TUint8 aAlphaValue)

Protected Attributes

CImageProcessor * iImageProc
CImageProcessor * iMaskProc
TPngImageInformation iInfo
TInt iScanlineBufferSize
TInt iBytesPerPixel
HBufC8 * iScanlineBuffer1
HBufC8 * iScanlineBuffer2
TPtr8 iScanlineDes1
TPtr8 iScanlineDes2
TInt iCurrentScanlineBuffer
TInt iInterlacedScanlineBufferSize [KPngNumInterlacedPasses]
TInt iPass
TPoint iPos

Detailed Description

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